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CinemaNext P-SBS Smart Booth Solution

Monitor and operate remotely all devices in your cinema booth, inside or outside the cinema. Power up or down, check status of projector, server, lights or sound processor. Save time powering up or down all your screening rooms from one point in the cinema building or even outside. Stop losing time walking through all booths. Delay automatically the powering of your devices in a smart way to avoid peaks of energy consumption. Avoid mistakes in the technical operator’s workflow. Save money allowing your customer service provider (NOC) to remotely power on and off all systems in the booth in order to do tests, without disturbing your employees. 
Optional components: 

  • CinemaNext P-SBS Power Module Assembled
  • CinemaNext P-SBS Touch Screen (Rack)
  • CinemaNext P-SBS Touch Screen (Wall)