6th META Cinema Forum

The META Cinema Forum is the leading event for the cinema industry in the Gulf, Middle East, Africa, Asia and beyond. This year the event takes place 7-8 November at the Grand Hyatt, Dubai / VOX Cineplex Grand Hyatt, U.A.E. CinemaNext will be present as part of its long-term presence in and engagement with the cinema industry in the region.

Khalil Staily will be attending the event in his role as Head of CinemaNext MEA. Just like the META Cinema Forum, CinemaNext has been growing and expanding in the region to work with cinema operators in some of the fastest growing cinema markets in the world. As such this is definitely the most important regional gathering for the cinema sector.

The 2023 META Cinema Conference is poised to be an influential event centered around the theme of "Growing the region’s cinema share." The agenda spans two days, with the first day dedicated to industry updates and growth strategies. The sessions on this day will explore various facets of the cinema industry, from the potential of local content beating major studio titles, to discussions on regional strategies for increased local content production and international co-production. Laura Houlgatte, CEO of the International Union of Cinemas (UNIC), will shed light on tackling exhibition challenges and the potential benefits of a regional cinema association. The day will conclude with presentations from major studios and a briefing on META cinema's upcoming projects.

On the second day, the focus shifts towards industry trends and technologies. The discussions will touch on critical topics such as the requirements for African cinema industry growth, the benefits of AI in theatrical sales and consumer engagement, and a detailed look at emerging cinema trends and technologies. The day will culminate in a summary, followed by studio product presentations and the META Cinema Awards Gala Reception, recognizing outstanding achievements in the industry. The event promises to be a dynamic forum for industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts to engage in forward-thinking conversations about the future of cinema in the region, which CinemaNext will continue to play a key part in.

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