CinemaNext Amplifies Cinematic Experience at University of Kent's Gulbenkian Arts Centre

The Gulbenkian Arts Centre, a vibrant arts hub at the University of Kent's Canterbury campus, is enjoying significantly enhanced audio thanks to a major sound system upgrade from CinemaNext. The leading UK cinema equipment integrator outfitted the venue with powerful new JBL speaker systems and MAG Audio amplifiers. 

As the Gulbenkian's longtime technology partner, CinemaNext previously installed a Dolby CP950 processor to provide an immersive surround sound foundation. This latest phase focused on replacing the existing aging speakers with cutting-edge JBL units selected specifically for the theatre's dimensions and requirements. CinemaNext also enlarged the screen with a picture size of 8710 x 3644 mm.

"We've worked closely with CinemaNext over the years to ensure the Gulbenkian offers a premium cinematic experience on par with commercial theatres," said Thomas Connor, Technical Manager at the Gulbenkian. "Their team has been incredibly supportive throughout this audio upgrade journey." 

The new JBL speaker models deployed include the JBL 3732 3-Way screen speakers across the wide screen stage channel and JBL 4642A Dual Subwoofer. These are powered by MAG Audio AQ-8000 and MAG AOH-6700 Powered Amplifiers capable of delivering ample headroom. 

The combination of the JBL speakers' exceptional fidelity and the MAG Audio amplifiers' load-bearing capacity produces powerful, pristine sound that fills the 300-seat cinema auditorium. Audiences can now enjoy the full impact of dynamic soundtracks and whisper-quiet dialogue with remarkable clarity. 

"As the cinematic experience continues evolving with technologies like immersive audio, it's vital that venues like the Gulbenkian have the robust equipment to provide that transcendent feeling to patrons," said Simon Carter, CinemaNext Operations and Sales Manager for UK & Ireland.   

The results speak for themselves, with the Gulbenkian's screening admissions increasing by a third since 15 January this year when it re-opened, after the upgraded speakers and amplifiers were installed and calibrated. The stage system has also been optimized by CinemaNext for non-cinema events like live music and theatrical performances. 

The Gulbenkian's mission is to cultivate the arts for students and the Canterbury community through innovative programming. Thanks to CinemaNext's expertise, that mission can be accomplished with powerful, enveloping sound that complements the theatre's diverse offerings.

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