CinemaNext Brings Laser Projection to Athens' Beloved Aigli Cinema

Athens' oldest operating outdoor cinema, the iconic ΑΙΓΛΗ CINEMA , is ushering in a new era of picture quality thanks to CinemaNext. EMEA’s leading cinema equipment integrator has supplied the open-air movie venue with a state-of-the-art Barco SP4K-20 laser projector, ensuring moviegoers can enjoy an exceptional viewing experience under the starry Athenian skies.

Opened in 1910, within the lush Zappeion Gardens next to the Greek Parliament building, AΙΓΛΗ CINEMA is regarded as one of Europe’s most beautiful and atmospheric open-air cinemas. The verdant setting of palm trees and fragrant blooms has provided the backdrop for Athenians’ beloved summer ritual of outdoor moviegoing for over a century.

As part of the new era of ΑΙΓΛΗ ΖΑΠΠΕΙΟΥ (AIGLI ZAPPEIOU), AΙΓΛΗ CINEMA enters its over-a-century summer season. CinemaNext has helped preserve this cultural tradition by outfitting the cinema with a Barco laser projector from their premium projection lineup. The laser light source will bathe Aigli’s outdoor screen with crisp, bright visuals and vivid colours that outshine traditional lamp-based projectors.

"AΙΓΛΗ CINEMA is a true Athens gem and Greece’s love affair with open-air cinema is like nowhere else," said Gregory Stavropolous, General Manager, CinemaNext Greece. "We're proud to provide them with cutting-edge laser projection that will ensure this magical venue can keep delighting audiences with an unmatched viewing experience for years to come."

The opening film for this summer season was Jonathan Demme's 1984 live concert film “Stop Making Sense”, featuring the music of the band Talking Heads, which literally put the audience “in the plug”, as the Greek saying goes. The movie sound was restored from the original multichannel tape recordings during filming. For Stavropolous, the comparison was easier, as he was present while filming the original movie, back in the 80’s, when he lived in the US.

The Barco laser projector's consistently bright image, higher contrast, and wider colour gamut will allow AΙΓΛΗ CINEMA to offer a truly premium presentation from the moment the first stars appear each evening (in the sky and on the screen) until the final credits roll. Its durability and laser light source's longer lifespan compared to xenon lamps also ensure reduced maintenance and operating costs. 

Beyond the technological upgrade, the laser projection aligns with Aigli’s environmentally conscious mission as the laser consumes less power and has a smaller carbon footprint compared to xenon lamp-based projection. 

The screen is an 11m wide NextFrame (wall mounted) with Harkness MATT PLUS 100 perf and an all new 7.1 sound system for open air concerts. There is a baffle/insulation wall behind the screen surface and speakers which make reverberation almost nonexistent. The surrounding trees provide an acoustical environment that is superb for open air cinema.

As well as the cinema, AΙΓΛΗ CINEMA guests or viewers can enjoy homemade pizza, mouthwatering snacks and cocktails, freshly made beverages and drinks from the full-service cinema bar

AΙΓΛΗ CINEMA thus continues its legacy of providing superior cinematic experiences through its latest partnership with CinemaNext. As Athenians return for another season of alfresco moviegoing under the stars, they can expect visuals that dazzle like never before at this historic open-air cinema as part of the new ΑΙΓΛΗ ΖΑΠΠΕΙΟΥ (ΑIGLI ZAPPEIOU).

(photo credit: Alexandros Petsvas)


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