CinemaNext Contributes to Lumière Cinema's ICTA Award-Winning Design

Lumière Cinema in Maastricht, The Netherlands has been honoured with a prestigious Best Arthouse Cinema of the Year award from the International Cinema Technology Association (ICTA). This accolade recognizes the meticulous design and technical enhancements implemented at the cinema under the exhibitor's visionary leadership and passion for audio excellence, resulting in a now award-winning cinematic experience.

CinemaNext was privileged to get the opportunity to contribute to this project, starting with our efforts of optimising the architectural and acoustic parameters of the auditoriums. This involved adjusting room dimensions to balance visual and audio performance, incorporating acoustic treatments like rear walls and baffles for enhanced sound distribution and immersion. 

The seating arrangements were carefully designed to provide optimal sight-lines for every audience member while adhering to local regulations and spatial constraints. Top-tier audio solutions like Alcons speakers were implemented in the larger auditoriums, complemented by a strategic approach to equipment reutilisation in other halls to balance quality and budget.

CinemaNext's role also included installing cutting-edge Christie 4K laser projectors, advanced automation systems, and the CinemaNext Theatre Management System (TMS) to streamline operations and enhance the overall viewing experience.

In collaboration with the partner company Dutch Cinema Constructions, elegantly curved cinema screens were constructed on-site following CinemaNext's design. These curved screens maximize the audience's field of vision, sharpen the image, ensure even lighting, and preserve contrast for an unparalleled visual spectacle.

CinemaNext also advised on the use of specialized anti-reflective glass to enhance color fidelity, image sharpness, and resolution by minimizing light interference. The powerful ATI AP25 processor was utilized to fine-tune and process the audio system, ensuring stunning clarity and a captivating auditory experience.

Through these collaborative efforts and innovative solutions, Lumière Cinema has set new standards in the cinematic industry, blending state-of-the-art technology with superior design principles. CinemaNext is grateful to have contributed to this transformative project, solidifying Lumière Cinema's reputation for excellence in cinematic presentation, now recognised by the ICTA. We join many others in congratulating them.

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