CinemaNext Makes Its Test DCP Package Available to Cinemas Across Europe Ahead of Re-Openings

Liège (Belgium), 19 May 2020/ CinemaNext, the European specialist in cinema exhibitor services (Ymagis – ISIN: FR0011471291, MAGIS, PEA-PME eligible), today announced that it is has produced its own test DCP package to allow cinemas to regularly test their digital projection and sound equipment to ensure they are in working order prior to reopening to the public.

CinemaNext’s four test DCPs – one encrypted and 3 non-encrypted – are available to exhibitors across Europe and internationally and can be downloaded free of charge via the EclairPlay content delivery platform at Eclair’s network of 3,400+ cinemas in the world equipped with an EclairBox receiver will have received the DCPs and KDM automatically.

Meeting the latest technical standards, the test patterns developed by CinemaNext’s engineering teams are available in all formats: Flat and Scope, 2K and 4K, 5.1 and 7.1.

The tailor-made content has been designed to check the complete integrity of an exhibitor’s digital cinema system, from encrypted content to test the server certificate to image calibration to audio and subtitles, and help troubleshoot any issues they may encounter following the long shutdown period.

“While we provided guidelines on safely powering down their digital projection and sound equipment as they prepared to close, it is also crucial that cinema operators be able to do a complete check of their equipment at least once a week for maintenance purposes as well as a final test before restarting public screenings,” says Georges Garic, Senior Vice President, CinemaNext. “At CinemaNext, our priority is to support our exhibitor partners in these unprecedented times and make sure they are in a position to deliver the best possible moviegoing experience when they open their doors.” 

Exhibitors can preview the test content on the CinemaNext website . To download the DCPs and KDM, cinemas without an EclairPlay account can sign up for one at

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