Cineplexx Westfield SCS Sets the Bar High for Austrian Entertainment

The Austrian cinematic landscape has undergone a transformation as the Cineplexx Westfield SCS rolled out the red carpet and lit up its projectors, just in time for Christmas on December 21. Situated within the heart of Westfield Shopping City Süd (SCS) Multiplex, this cinematic haven not only redefines the movie-watching experience but sets an unprecedented standard in entertainment, melding cutting-edge technology, bespoke luxury, and a gastronomic journey like never before.  

CinemaNext is proud to have been the installation partner for this project, which was a 360-degree refurbishment of a multiplex that was already a high-watermark of cinema quality when it first opened. This time there is a combination of high-end premium projection and audio formats, ultra-comfort seating and a new culinary delight from renowned chefs spread over 11,000 square meters, 11 screens and 1,306 seats. Around 25 million euros were invested in this prestigious project by Westfield Shopping City Süd, Cineplexx and other partners. 

A Glimpse into Cinematic Elegance: The Unrivalled Suites and IMAX Extravaganza 

Audiences are invited to step into a cinematic world of opulence as Cineplexx Westfield SCS introduces eleven carefully crafted cinema auditoriums, each a unique mix of comfort and style. The crown jewel, the exclusive "Suiten," stands as a testament to refined cinema luxury. The Cinegold Boxx, the height of premium seating, ushers in a new era in Austrian cinema-going with its capacious design, electronically adjustable recliners, dedicated storage, and wireless charging capabilities. These suites redefine not just comfort but the highest standard that cinema goers in Austria can experience, having already earlier been the European country that has pushed the boundaries of premium formats and high-end cinema standards.  

The IMAX Kinosaal, a pinnacle of big screen experiences, promises an unparalleled journey. From state-of-the-art IMAX-with-laser film technology to an awe-inspiring soundscape, this auditorium is made for the biggest cinema experiences, whether outer space encounters, superhero battles or epic historic dramas. 6 of the 11 screens are equiped with Dolby Atmos immersive sound. Not forgetting those with access needs, each of the auditoriums has multiple spaces for wheelchair users (17 in total).  

Christof Papousek, Managing Partner/CFO of Cineplexx's parent company Constantin Film-Holding GmbH, commented, “After the Covid pandemic and the associated cinema crisis, Cineplexx has succeeded in implementing a project that sets new standards. Together with the landlord Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield, almost €20 million was invested. No stone was left unturned from the previous cinema, and the entire structure was also structurally renewed. Together with our partner IMAX, we were able to establish the third IMAX cinema in the larger Vienna area, and there are also other premium formats. Cineplexx is underlining its role as a market leader with this project!" 

Work began back in Easter 2023 on the multi-million Euro renewal project and marks the latest co-operation between Cineplexx and CinemaNext Austria, who have worked together on several multiplexes in Austria, Eastern Europe and the Balkans. For this site, the choice was made to use RGB and Smart Laser projectors from Barco, RealD 3D and for the first time the Dolby sound system with Dolby SLS speakers and Multichannel amplifiers. The local Austrian CinemaNext Team was supported by colleagues from Hungary, Romania, Croatia and Czech Republic. 

Culinary Symphony: "ROSSO by l'autentico" Elevates Movie Dining 

Beyond the cinematic marvel, Cineplexx Westfield SCS ventures into fresh territory with a culinary journey curated in collaboration with the esteemed "l'autentico." "ROSSO by l'autentico" invites patrons to a symphony of flavors, featuring meticulously selected antipasti, authentic Roman pizza, and refreshing beverages. L'autentico had previously been named Vienna’s Favourite Pizza by the Falstaff gourmet magazine. The marriage of Italian culinary finesse extends seamlessly from the bar to the premium halls, augmenting the overall cinematic odyssey. 

The culinary maestros, Andre and Sandro Gargiulo, celebrated for their gastronomic artistry at "l'autentico," present a menu curated with utmost precision. Luigi Tessoro, the virtuoso behind the delectable pizzas, introduces the "Al Taglio" style, served in three exquisite variations. This culinary sojourn extends beyond pizzas to encompass a selection of rich antipasti platters, Mediterranean-spiced beef tartare, and a thoughtfully curated wine list featuring Italian classics and Prosecco specialties. Cocktail enthusiasts are in for a treat with a selection of classic concoctions, all served until the commencement of the screenings. 

Andre & Sandro Gargiulo see this is a new level of fusing eating with cinemagoing: "In the Cineplexx suites, the question is no longer whether to eat before or after the cinema, but what to enjoy with the film. We serve freshly prepared food in the suites, while guests make themselves comfortable in the cosy 'Cinegold Boxx'. The variety of Italian aperitivo culture is the perfect accompaniment to the multi-faceted entertainment on the big screen." 

Innovation Unleashed: The Magnificence of the UNIQUE Saal  

Cineplexx Westfield SCS takes a giant leap in cinema design with the world's first UNIQUE Saal. Rows of seats, arranged in a freestanding U-shape, giving cinema patrons not just privacy but also a feeling of being at the theatre. Beyond its cinematic allure, the UNIQUE Saal, along with the Cineplexx Suiten, transforms into an impeccable venue for a spectrum of events, from grand corporate gatherings to intimate soirées. There is a wide variety in choice of seats, with six different seating options:  

Standard: Comfortable cinema seats to relax and enjoy.  

Cinegold: More comfort and space thanks to larger row spacing and comfortable double armrests in the new leather seats.  

Cinegold Deluxe: Comfortable leather seats with either manually adjustable backrests and footstools or with electrically adjustable backrests.  

Cinegold Luxury: Luxury leather armchair with adjustable backrest and a small table to enjoy the cinema in comfort.  

Cinegold Boxx: More comfort and space, comfortable double armrests, more privacy thanks to its design as a box, adjustable backrests, space for jackets and bags and wireless charger for mobile phones.  

Cinegold Loveboxx: The Cinegold Boxx for those who like to cuddle.

Amidst the festive season, the cinema sought to captivate audiences not just with its cinematic offerings but also through a series of pre-opening festivities. Until December 23, visitors had the chance to win from over 100,000 prizes, ranging from cinema vouchers to exclusive movie nights, by taking part in a unique contest at the mall – any receipt from a store in the Westfield SCS was a qualifying ticket. The celebration was not just confined to Cineplexx Westfield SCS, with all other Cineplexx cinemas offering tickets for €8 for all non-premium screens. Finally, the famous Coca-Cola Christmas truck made its final stop outside the multiplex on 22 December and there was even a popcorn cabin.  

In essence, the Cineplexx Westfield SCS transcends the realm of an ordinary cinema opening. It stands as an invitation to take part in an extraordinary cinematic and culinary journey, where every detail is carefully crafted to redefine the entertainment landscape in Austria. As the curtain went up on 21 December, the Alpine country saw the exciting mix of cinematic grandeur, luxurious comfort, and foodie delights—all under one roof, beckoning patrons into a realm where entertainment lasts all year – not just for Christmas but for the whole year.

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