First Cinema Equipped with EclairColor HDR in the Drôme-Ardèche Region (France)

The “Le Vivarais” cinema in Privas is the first cinema in the Drôme-Ardèche region to be equipped with EclairColor HDR technology. Le Vivarais, located in downtown Privas, now offers locals exceptional projection quality, in a theatre that is friendly and accessible with a diverse programme of films.

“We are proud that our theatre is now able to provide local audiences  with the best possible cinema experience and such high standards of quality while remaining a gathering place close to the community of Privas,” said Patrick Dallet, owner of Le Vivarais. “EclairColor HDR significantly improves projection quality with richer colours, more light and definition, more depth of field and more density resulting in images that are closer to what the eye can see. This technology can be applied to big-budget films as well as independent productions, which perfectly reflects the vast array of content Le Vivarais offers.”

“This first step in the equipment of the Drôme-Ardèche region is a source of great pride for us. EclairColor HDR is a formidable opportunity for a theatre to enhance the moviegoing experience at an affordable price,” added Olivier Douet, Sales, Installation and Maintenance Director for CinemaNext France. “With 54 screens currently in France, the EclairColor HDR network of  cinemas is expanding and more and more moviegoers, who are increasingly aware and demanding of projection quality, are able to enjoy this new cinema standard.”

There are currently  over 130 EclairColor-equipped cinema screens with new content released in EclairColor HDR every week. The complete list of EclairColor-equipped theaters and films mastered is available at

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