New 10m Wide Roll-Up Screen Brings Big Screen Magic to Nannestad's Kulturarena

The newly renovated Kulturarena community center in Nannestad has become a shining example of how modern AV technology can transform multi-use venues. At the heart of the renovation is a massive 10-meter-wide roll-up screen in the Storsalen (Grand Hall), provided by CinemaNext and installed in collaboration with Norwegian integration partner SåBra Kinoservice

For a roll-up screen, a width of 10 meters is extraordinarily large. CinemaNext  supplied the oversize screen, manufactured by Multivision Screens in Belgium, while SåBra handled the complex on-site installation. The result is a premium viewing experience capable of hosting everything from movie screenings to conferences, presentations and more. 

"Community centers like the Kulturarena play a vital role in Norwegian towns by providing a social gathering space for all kinds of events and activities," said Rune Lie, Manager at SåBra. "With this huge 10m roll-up screen, the Storsalen can now meet the community's needs with an impressive large-format viewing experience." 

Flexible Space Meets Modern Technology   

Prior to the renovation, the Kulturarena was an aged 1960s-era building ill-equipped to meet Nannestad's modern AV needs across its various halls and event spaces. The municipality tapped AV consultants Tråd to reimagine the technology design for the venue's Grand Hall, Blackbox Theater and Cafe Stage. 

In close collaboration with CinemaNext and SåBra, Tråd specified the 10m roll-up screen as the centerpiece display in the Storsalen. CinemaNext sourced and delivered the oversize screen surface, while SåBra managed the complex integration of the rolling mechanism and screen masking system. 

"For a screen of this magnitude, you need expert engineering and technical partners that can handle the scale and weight involved," said Gerrit Doorn, Manager International Relations at CinemaNext. "Our roll-up screen designs are deployed in cinemas around the world, so we were able to bring that proven technology and execution experience to the Kulturarena, in partnership with SåBra." 

The screen is complemented by a premium sound system and stage lighting rig specified by Tråd. An advanced active acoustics system provides further audio tuning capabilities to optimize sound for any type of event. 

"It was an exciting process working alongside the architects, CinemaNext, SåBra and the other partners to fit modern AV technology into the renovated structure," said  Håvard Stamsø-Ellingsen, Head of Culture in Nannestad. "The result is a very high standard venue with future-proof systems that can meet the community's needs for many years to come." 

Cinema, Conferences and More   

With the gigantic screen as the visual centrepiece, the Storsalen is now highly versatile to host cinema screenings, corporate events, live performances and more. The screen's massive scale provides a truly immersive viewing experience from every seat. 

Cinema-goers can now enjoy movies in larger-than-life fashion, while business presentations and digital signage content pack maximum impact and visibility. Local theatre troupes, dance companies and musical acts can also utilize the oversized screen and dynamic lighting rig for enhanced productions. Some of the events this spring include the Arctic Gardner, Støysona rock concert, ABBA – the Party, classical music concerts and Norway’s biggest metal band Kvelertak on stage.  

The renovated venue creates new opportunities for the Nannestad community and beyond to experience culture, art, education and entertainment in an impressive modern setting tailored for multi-use flexibility. 

"We are proud of our role in this project to bring big screen capabilities to Nannestad," said Rune Lie, Manager at SåBra. "By collaborating closely with CinemaNext, Tråd and the other partners, we were able to integrate state-of-the-art AV systems that will allow the entire community to enjoy an outstanding viewing experience for decades."

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