The Netherlands' The(Any)Thing Cinema and Pathé Open the World's First On-Demand Multiplex

In what is truly a world-first, boutique cinema The(Any)Thing has launched an on-demand cinema within a multiplex at Pathé Ypenburg in The Hague. Following its success in Wijk bij Duurstede and Hotel New York in Rotterdam, The(Any)Thing offers a personalised cinema experience for two to five people in settings of style, luxury and comfort. CinemaNext is proud to have been the projection solutions partner in this small but significant cinema revolution.   

The  unique selling point of The (Any)Thing that sets it apart from regular small cinema screens is its method of personalising the cinematic experience. The Pathé Ypenburg (Any)Thing offers six dedicated private rooms, with comfortable seating space for up to five individuals. These mini cinemas boast luxury with their unique design and cutting-edge image and sound technology. Featuring an on-demand library of over 1,000 films, ranging from contemporary releases to evergreen classics, The(Any)Thing enables film lovers to curate their own viewing experience. 

Powering the experience is The(Any)Thing app, which allows visitors to control every aspect of their cinema experience. From determining the film, start time, and breaks to controlling sound and lighting in their chosen room, patrons have complete control over their movie night. Want your own toilet break in the middle of a film? Just pause the film on the app. Founder and Director of The(Any)Thing, Thomas van de Weerd, emphasizes the vision behind this initiative, stating, "We are taking an important step in giving people the freedom to watch films tailored to their personal wishes." 

This personalized cinema experience is priced from €49 for a twin seat room and €99 for a room accommodating up to five people. Beyond the cinematic immersion, guests are offered a diverse food menu accessible through the app, including delivery service to their seats. The post-film experience extends to the new bar in Pathé Ypenburg, providing an additional space for socializing.  

The success of The(Any)Thing's first two locations has captured the attention of Pathé Theatres B.V. . The(Any)Thing then reached out to Pathé to test the concept in a multiplex environment and Pathé challenged the team to transform a traditional auditorium to a private cinema space. 

Jacques Hoendervangers, General Manager of Pathé Theatres B.V., notes, "This innovative concept fits perfectly with our mission to give our visitors a special outing to experience together with friends or family. 

As The(Any)Thing opens its doors at Pathé Ypenburg, it simultaneously expands in Wijk bij Duurstede. CinemaNext worked with Pathé and The (Any)Thing to ensure that while the cinema experience was private, the presentation quality was top cinema-grade, with projectors for all six rooms from Cinionic. With a commitment to personalized luxury and technological innovation, The(Any)Thing shows what is possible in terms of evolving the cinema experience. 


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