Ymagis Group Acquires German Cinema Distribution Services Leader CINE-LOGISTICS GmbH.

Berlin (Germany) and Paris (France), February 8, 2016/ Ymagis Group (ISIN: FR0011471291 TICKER: MAGIS), the European specialist in digital technologies for the cinema industry, today announced the acquisition of Berlin-based CINE-LOGISTICS GmbH., one of Germany’s leading distribution services for movie distribution companies and German-speaking cinema exhibitors. Under the terms of the agreement, Ymagis SA, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Ymagis Deutschland GmbH., becomes the sole shareholder in CINE-LOGISTICS GmbH.

“CINE-LOGISTICS is a well-known and respected German services company that has been active in the business for a decade now. Today’s successful conclusion of this agreement marks a new milestone,” said Jean Mizrahi, President and CEO of Ymagis Group. “We are strengthening our management structure in Germany with CINE-LOGISTICS’ founders who will be instrumental in executing our strategic objective of enhancing our market position in Germany. This operation will allow us to not only to enlarge our scope of activities but also improve our profitability in terms of content services. That will include the incorporation of innovative solutions such as our trailer download platform Trailerloop and new services such as movie tickets/vouchers and gifts services for moviegoers.”

“In Ymagis we have found a company that perfectly aligns with our focus on excellence in logistics, technology and operational performance,” said Knut Güntzel, CEO of CINELOGISTICS. “With their powerful capability to electronically deliver feature film content and our popular trailer platform, we will be able to offer an unprecedented range of services in Germany to meet today’s distributors’ and exhibitors’ needs.”

“After collaborating with CINE-LOGISTICS for nearly two years, it quickly became obvious that a common structure will further enhance both companies’ success stories,” explained Michael Krauth, CEO of Ymagis Deutschland GmbH. “Through this operation, we are now able to offer German-speaking distributors and cinema exhibitors a comprehensive portfolio of products and services ranging from post production, localization, DCP mastering, and theatrical distribution services from electronic content delivery to the storage and shipment of physical assets such as advertising materials.”

Michael Krauth has been appointed co-CEO of CINE-LOGISTICS and will manage the company alongside Knut Güntzel. Both report to Christophe Lacroix, Senior VP, Content Services of Ymagis Group. In 2015, CINE-LOGISTICS recorded revenues of EUR 3.15 million (+30.2% over the prior year). Based in Berlin, the company also operates a distribution center near Berlin-Tempelhof airport. CINE-LOGISTICS’ 20 full-time employees have now become part of the Ymagis Group team.

CINE-LOGISTICS’ mission is to provide distributors and the largest cinema chains with the electronic and physical delivery of movie advertising materials, tickets, vouchers & gift cards and concessions as well as trailers, feature film and advertising DCPs and KDMs to cinema exhibitors. Via its distribution center, the company also preserves content assets (storage and archiving) on behalf of rights holders, production companies and film institutes, and stores no fewer than 20,000 physical items for 6,500 different films.



Founded in 2007 and managed by professionals from both the cinema and high-tech industries, Ymagis Group is a European leader in advanced digital technology services for the cinema industry. We provide smart and comprehensive solutions to movie exhibitors, distributors, event cinema, production companies, cinema/TV advertising networks, rights holders, TV/IPTV broadcasters, VOD platform operators and video publishers. Over the years, the Group has significantly grown its portfolio of solutions & services and further developed its geographic footprint in Europe with permanent offices in 20 countries. The company’s core business is structured around three main axes: exhibitor services, content services and finance solutions. As of September 30, 2015, 9,500 screens have been installed internationally by our engineers, 7,000 screens currently avail of service contracts while 6,400 screens have been installed under Virtual Print Fee "VPF" contracts. Ymagis Group is the only company capable of providing a content delivery service (satellite, DSL, fibre) across Europe thanks to its network of 3,300 connected cinemas. A publicly-traded company listed on Euronext, Ymagis Group is headquartered in Paris (France) with main offices in Liege (Belgium) and Vanves (France). For more information, please connect to http://www.Ymagis.com or contact info@Ymagis.com

Source: Ymagis SA


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