CinemaNext Partners with Leadcom and Ferco for Global Cinema Seating Distribution Agreements

Liège (Belgium), Selangor (Malaysia) and Guangzhou (China) – 12 April 2018 / CinemaNext, the European specialist in cinema exhibitor services (Ymagis Group, ISIN: FR0011471291, TICKER: MAGIS, PME-PEA, TECH 40), today announced the signing of two separate global agreements with Malaysian and Chinese seating manufacturers, Ferco Seating Systems and Guangzhou Leadcom Seating, respectively. These new agreements recognize CinemaNext as an official international distributor of their cinema seating products in select markets, including Europe, Middle East and Africa. It follows the agreement with European seating manufacturer Ezcaray announced in February 2018.

“Teaming up with these two new partners for the cinema market is excellent news for CinemaNext as it completes our cinema seating offer available to cinema exhibitors,” explains Esperance Ngandu, CinemaNext’s Product Manager, Seating, Lighting and Outfitting. “Both Ferco and Leadcom provide innovative and cost-effective seating solutions – reclining backrests, loveseats, VIP seats - that meet CinemaNext’s vision from a design, technical and business standpoint, especially in terms of demographics and market segmentations. To enlist two new innovative and fast-growing companies is a great opportunity for us to expand our business in the cinema seating field.”

For Tim Barr, Chief Executive Officer at Ferco Seating Systems: “Our priority for cinema seating is to provide lasting comfort and luxury, in a customized manner that allows any cinema exhibitor to avail of bespoke solutions that are in line with their strategy. Our alliance with CinemaNext is a new step forward in driving business growth based on our shared quest for excellency and innovation.”

For Jason Zhang, Chief Executive Officer at Guangzhou Leadcom Seating, “Partnering with CinemaNext, a leader in cinema exhibition business services, is key to the ongoing development of our cinema product line as we are dedicated to providing the best seating equipment available on the market, in accordance with our principles of quality and optimization in order to exceed clients’ expectations.”

CinemaNext is one of the largest cinema exhibition services companies in Europe, providing smart, comprehensive solutions across the board, from projection equipment, audio systems, central systems, cinema outfitting and seating, content management, 3D projection systems & glasses, TMS, digital signage and screens to consulting services. Our clients enjoy the highest level of reliability and lowest cost of ownership through our various services: consulting, design & project management, equipment sales and financing, installation, maintenance, support (NOC), online monitoring, spare and consumables, service agreements and supply chain & logistics.

CinemaNext is the Ymagis Group’s business unit dedicated to exhibitor services. Founded in 2007 and managed by professionals from the motion picture and high-tech industries, Ymagis Group is a European leader in advanced digital technology services for the cinema industry. Through CinemaNext and Eclair, the Group provides smart, comprehensive solutions to movie exhibitors, distributors (feature films & event cinema), producers, rights holders, cinema/TV advertising networks, broadcasters, OTT channels and video publishers. Over the years, Ymagis Group has significantly expanded its portfolio of solutions & services and further developed its geographic footprint in Europe with permanent offices in 26 countries. The company’s core business is structured around three main units: CinemaNext (exhibitor services: sales and field services, software solutions, customer service/NOC and consulting), Eclair (content services: post-production, theatrical delivery, digital distribution, versioning and accessibility, restoration and preservation) and Ymagis (VPF & financial services). A publicly-traded company listed on Euronext, Ymagis Group is headquartered in Paris (France) and has close to 800 employees. For more information, please connect to http://www.ymagis.com or

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Source: CinemaNext (Ymagis Group)
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