Ymagis Group Announces EclairColor-compliant Barco Projection Systems at CineEurope 2017

Barcelona, (Spain), Paris (France) and Kortrijk (Belgium) – Ymagis Group (FR0011471291, MAGIS, PEA-PME, TECH 40), the European specialist in digital technologies for the cinema industry, is pleased today to announce that Barco (NYSE Euronext Brussels: BAR) high contrast 6P laser cinema projection systems are now EclairColor-compliant. The announcement was made in Barcelona on the first day of CineEurope, the official convention of the International Union of Cinemas (UNIC) in Europe.

The new EclairColor-certified Barco projection systems are high contrast 6P laser cinema projection systems - DP4K-40LHC and DP4K-20LHC – readily available on the market through CinemaNext, Ymagis Group’s business unit dedicated to exhibitor services. The EclairColor-certified Barco product lines will also include the high contrast laser phosphor DP4K-23BLP HC and DP4K-32BLP HC, which are slated for release before the end of the year.

“We are thrilled with the result of our cooperation with Barco that will allow our Group to offer cinema exhibitors a larger selection of EclairColor projection system technologies,” explains Jean Mizrahi, Ymagis Group CEO & co-Founder. “As we continue to expand the EclairColor footprint in Europe, this deal marks a milestone in our development. It is critical that our technology partners keep pace with our international ambitions around innovation and market growth.”

For Serge Plasch, Barco’s VP Entertainment EMEA, “EclairColor is a stunning new HDR color technology. In combination with the premium quality of the latest Barco laser projectors, EclairColor delivers a great cinematic experience to audiences. I am truly delighted that our Flagship Laser as well as our high-brightness SmartLaser projectors have now been tested and approved by Ymagis Group’s engineers.”

“We believe the result of this collaboration with Barco, which integrates both new projector sales and retrofit solutions for cinema exhibitors, will accelerate the deployment of our affordable HDR technology in our major markets,” comments CinemaNext SVP Till Cussmann. “It also strengthens our value proposition for international & independent studios and cinema exhibitors.”

“An EclairColor film features much more contrast,” explains Cédric Lejeune, Eclair VP Technology and Innovation. “For example, in a standard auditorium with a standard projector, the difference between the lightest and the darkest points (white and black) is a ratio of approximately 1,500 to 1. With EclairColor that ratio is generally between 6,000 and 10,000. That extra contrast brings all the richness and depth to the picture to make the cinemagoing experience much more immersive.”

EclairColor is a new digital HDR color solution that combines a mastering process and the optimization of select projection system technologies readily available today through CinemaNext. EclairColor is the culmination of eighteen months of development and extensive testing by Eclair and CinemaNext engineers. All types of cinemas, regardless of their screen size, can be equipped with EclairColor. The equipment can be used to run EclairColor mastered content as well as standard DCI content.

For a detailed map of the cinemas equipped with EclairColor and the list of upcoming movies, titles currently in theaters or past releases, visit our new website http://www.eclaircolor.com

CinemaNext showcases EclairColor technology in conjunction with CineEurope from June 19-21 in Barcelona (Spain) at the Cinesa cinema complex, located in the Diagonal Mar Shopping Mall. Reservations can be made via the online booking platform at http://eclaircolor.simplybook.it

EclairColor™ is a registered trademark of Ymagis Group.
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