CinemaNext Heightens Audience Comfort With New Infinity Seat Model at Innsbruck’s Metropol Kino

As part of the ongoing effort to improve the movie-watching experience for patrons, CinemaNext, a leading provider of cinema solutions, recently completed the delivery and installation of new cinema seats from Infinity Seating at the Metropol Kino in Innsbruck (Austria). The Metropol Kino project marks a significant milestone in the journey towards taking the cinema experience to a new level of quality. With a focus on comfort and modernity, CinemaNext worked closely with Metropol Kino to enable a new, tailor-made model from Infinity Seating – the Omega Seat with bespoke headrest.   

CinemaNext has been expanding its offerings to cinema customers in the last year with a wide variety of cinema seats, recliners, and seating solutions. Close attention is paid to both the anatomical design and ergonomics of each of Infinity’s products courtesy of the Artisans of Cinema Seating. In this case CinemaNext and Infinity worked closely with Metropol Kino’s Mario Hueber on everything from the design and layout to fabric and colour of the seat, to create something truly unique for the Innsbruck audiences. One of the unique challenges of this project was to ensure that the new seats met the cinema's requirements in terms of row depth. CinemaNext successfully delivered a solution that not only met but exceeded Metropol Kino’s expectations. 

The Omega Seat is not only compact in terms of footprint, making it ideal for steep stadium-seating structures, but also incredibly comfortable. Its unique backrest is resistant, thin, and has the remarkable ability to adapt to the shape of the viewer's back, ensuring maximum comfort throughout the movie. 

With 214 seats installed in Saal 3, patrons at Metropol Kino can now enjoy an enhanced viewing experience like never before. Equipped with Dolby Atmos® sound technology and RealD 3D projection, moviegoers are in for an immersive cinematic journey that transcends the ordinary. With seats as red as the carpet of a Hollywood film premiere, this is where the Metropol Kino audiences are made to feel pampered and feted like a Hollywood star! 

The installation of the new cinema seats was completed in December, marking the beginning of a new era for Metropol Kino and extending the ongoing partnership with CinemaNext. 

With a commitment to excellence and a passion for enhancing the movie-watching experience, CinemaNext and Metropol Kino are set to continue enhancing and evolving the way audiences experience cinema, whether it is picture, sound or in this case, the most luxuriously comfortable cinema seats you could ever imagine.  

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