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Ymagis Group (CinemaNext & Eclair) has released a new corporate video detailing its new organizational structure, branding and visual identities. In this video, you’ll learn how with its two business units - CinemaNext and Eclair - Ymagis Group has become a unified organization entirely devoted to advanced digital technology services for the motion picture and TV industries.

In addition to its new visual identities, the Group has incorporated the new Smart Solutions in Action tagline in its brand executions. Chosen for its ability to encompass the company’s ‘glocal’ positioning and services in a single statement, the new tagline will be a highly-visible component of all branding assets.

“To increase synergies across our divisions, we are streamlining our organizational structure around two compelling names, Eclair and CinemaNext, with the lightning bolt used by Eclair since its foundation in 1907 as a unifying symbol and reminder of the Group’s strong, deep-rooted heritage in the history of cinema - Eclair means ‘lightning’ in French.”

Jean Mizrahi
President & CEO 

“What defines our multinational group and 700 employees around the world is our ability to offer smart and innovative global solutions to clients and implement them on a local basis.”

Georges Garic
Deputy CEO 


Watch the new video online on Vimeo (available in English, Francais/French & Espanol/Spanish).

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