CinemaNext Elevates Cinematic Experience at Grand Ecran in Libourne

In a significant step towards enhancing the cinematic experience, CinemaNext, a leading name in cinema services across EMEA, has undertaken a major upgrade at the renowned Grand Ecran cinema in Libourne, France. The transformation, involving cutting-edge technology and a comprehensive overhaul, is set to enhance the movie-watching experience for patrons.

The 10-screen Grand Ecran cinema initially boasted 8 screens equipped with NEC Xenon projectors, and later expanded in 2014 to incorporate two additional screens featuring Christie projectors. 

As part of the recent upgrade, CinemaNext seamlessly transitioned into the role of providing support for all 10 screens. The highlight of this transformation lies in the installation of state-of-the-art Barco Laser projectors. These include one SP4K and seven SP2K models, demonstrating CinemaNext's commitment to delivering unparalleled visual excellence. 

In conjunction with the projectors, CinemaNext integrated Barco Alchemy ICMP-X servers, further amplifying the efficiency and performance of the cinema's projection systems. This strategic implementation promises vivid, crisp imagery that promises to leave audiences spellbound. 

In tandem with the technological advancements, CinemaNext also introduced their proprietary Theatre Management System (CinemaNext TMS). This transition signifies not only an upgrade in technology but also a shift towards a more streamlined and sophisticated operational framework, ensuring seamless coordination between different facets of cinema management. 

Additionally, as part of the upgrade, CinemaNext acquired six out of the eight Xenon projectors from the Grand Ecran's existing inventory. This move not only supports the cinema's transition to newer technologies but also allows Grand Ecran to retain two Xenon projectors for troubleshooting purposes in other cinemas within their network. 


The upgrade at Grand Ecran is a testament to CinemaNext's commitment to innovation and a dedication to providing audiences with an unparalleled cinematic experience. With cutting-edge technology at the forefront, patrons can expect nothing short of visual brilliance and an immersive viewing environment. 

The Grand Ecran upgrade is poised to be a milestone in this journey, promising a new era of cinematic magic for Libourne's avid moviegoers. 

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